Medical Cannabis might be right for your condition. 

Herbal Wellness Rx is a group of four female physicians who have come together with a passion to provide holistic, cannabis-based symptom management. In addition to providing the basic certification for the Pennsylvania medical marijuana card, we also perform a thorough inventory of symptoms and provide specific and individualized recommendations for each patient.

All of our doctors have been licensed with the PA Department of Health to provide certification for medical cannabis. We are avid students of the endocannabinoid system and are dedicated to providing compassionate, informed care of individuals with a variety of life-limiting ailments. 

We now have two locations to serve you: our original location in Chestnut Hill, PA, and a new location in King of Prussia, PA. Please see the "about" page for more information about our physician consultants at Herbal Wellness Rx. 


Find out about qualifying conditions for the Pennsylvania State Medical Marijuana Program, and look for a dispensary near you. 

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